StackOverflow – Singing its Praises

Despite what at times seem to be a site awash with rubbish, I once again found the joy of a quick, direct and simple solution to an annoying Objective-C / iOS glitch using a simple query on StackOverflow.

I’ve done battle with the combination of user settings, NSUserDefaults and on/off switches in my own settings screen in three different apps, and each time had to “code around” behavior that was inexplicable.  The vast majority of questions on this topic were of course newbie developers trying to understand the basics, but I tried once more today and found a great question / answer from Peter Warbo — an iOS developer guru.  His post here was one form of my problem, and his one line coding change solved my problem.  If someone with his skills posted the question after 6 hours of trying to solve it, and only later posted his solution, I am sure I would have wasted many many more hours, and in the end just gone back to one of my prior work-arounds.  StackOverflow needs a “bless you o mighty g-d-like being” button for guys like this…

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