Some things age well…

Apple WWDC 1997 — Steve Jobs has “opinions about most things”… and interesting to hear with they were, as much today as then. Probably not many such videos from 1997 that would still be so worthwhile…

One hour plus of pure Steve…  what 10% or 20% or 30% of the stuff out there do we need to invent..  It is not important that Apple be perceived as “different” — it is more important that Apple be perceived as a whole lot better.

Remember, it is 1997, Jobs has just returned, and he is not happy with _a lot_ of what he finds…

Communication vs. computation, or communication (network) plus computation… Focus on living in a high speed network world.  8 years ago, at Next, we started using… nicely done.  I have computers at Apple, Pixar and Next, and I can log in anywhere and have all my stuff… and i have nothing on my local hard drive.. gigabit ethernet makes remote directories faster than my local hard disk…. ‘nsf dialtone and internet dialtone over the wire…’  … one of my hopes that Apple can do….

Read about the cloud, a network world that is plug and play, and commidification of what then was a high tech dream.  “Carrying around a ton of storage and state with you is…. byzantine”…

and much much more…



p.s. fun trivia:

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