Learning from Auto-complete in Google Search

Despite all the various scary and crazy things people find in Google Search’s auto-complete, more often than not I get one overwhelming message.

So last night, when I started a search with “[w s v] = svd(…

I’d not gotten very far when autocomplete said:

[w s v] = svd((repmat(sum(x.*x 1) size(x 1) 1).*x)*x’)

Which is completely Crazy! or not. i means many people got to the same point in Andrew Ng‘s machine learning lecture, saw the same example on a slide (a one line MATLAB code example) and

interestingly, one of the first hits was on StackOverflow (meaning programmers were talking about this) at


So while others may be creeped out, my reaction remains:  “you are not alone” 🙂

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