So Many Courses, So Little Time

Advancement in technology related to most everything I work is a constant, and it is a Imageblessing and a curse that now, in addition to buying too many unread books, it is possible to sign up for courses I will never complete.  Thankfully Udacity has begun charging for courses, so I am looking forward to their new Hadoop course starting in January (called Introduction to Hadoop and MapReduce) which doubtless I will fully complete (since I will be paying for it?).  Well at least I can test that theory.

Not to mention, how can you take someone seriously that has not at least tried Hadoop, or can explain MapReduce?

Still looking for a great hands-on Machine Learning class that using LightSide from LightSideLabs, but I may end up having to succumb to one of the many MATLAB / OCTAVE based courses (EdX, and Andrew Ng, have one (each?) with old videos and lecture notes are still to be found.. both here at and, and then again also here   [Update: the old ml-class link now redirects to the coursera class. No surprise.]

Meanwhile, I can still buy the books and read them. Or not. Only now I can buy them for both Kindle and in “real” form, so I can not read them twice!

That‘s progress!

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