Demo Movies for iOS Apps: Solved

Well it turns out that my iOS demo movies were just fine, except for one small factor: not really that they were captured from the simulator, but rather that I set the capture window to include the “iOS simulator” title bar to the window I was capturing.  So i created a new (and multi-language inter-cut) version of the “English words for Beginners” app, and it works great.  This also took me some time to realize, as a) i could not update the meta data for that app to include a demo movie; i had to update the version number of the binary as well.  Of course I found a couple of worthwhile fixes to the App (the sound file for “diet coke” inadvertently was the should file for the nine word string i meant to edit the single word “diet coke” out of, as well as some fixes my French voice identified to a couple of French word tiles (e.g. “taro” as in taro root in french is “tarot”).

I did try making the movies with QuickTime recording the iOS device screen directly.  But without any way to capture the movement of the user’s finger above the plane of the iPad, creating fake “cursor movement” and transitions between click-points for the app looked dauntingly tedious (since i have not yet mastered the “tradition effects” that would be used to put in the mouse click), so I will continue to use my method of creating app demo movies for the time being.  I did upgrade to ScreenFlow 5, so when i am ready to use their transition cut-in capabilities etc., I will work on creating more professional videos…

So the new multi-cut video is posted here. Note that your apps in the store get one demo video for all presentations, while you can have different screen shots for either language specific UIs or device sizes. So my “english demo” mid way (they only give you 30 seconds) switches several times revealing all 8 possible user interface (language) settings…  Enjoy! Now to create the French multi-cut…. German next…


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