Status of Critical Thinking in the Workplace

Status of Critical Thinking in the Workplace –

the Most Important Skill for Business Growth

This blog post by Person is a welcome gesture highlighting Critical Thinking, both to highlight its importance to actual work and business, and to call this to the attention of Higher Ed.

Tidbits:  Specifically, when it comes to skills like critical thinking, it is consistently rated by employers as being a skill of increasing importance, and yet a recent study showed 49% of employers rate their employees’ critical thinking skills as only average or below average.

The graphic also was interesting in its display of how 2 year grads compared with 4 year grads on the measure of “critical thinking skills”: 4 year college graduates CT-skills-by-college-group-0325-0144

were more likely to be rated “excellent” for critical thinking than 2 year grads — 28 vs 4% — but for “adequate” skill level, community college graduates fared better with  73% to 63%.  Overall the recent of 2 year grads rated as deficient, but I could help but wonder if the there was a bias in the reported scores for 2 year grads (e.g, graded on a curve, as this curve looked a bit strange.

This blog will feature more references to Critical Thinking going forward, as my research into better instruction and measurement for Critical Thinking and Problem Solving skills makes progress.

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