Now that the Big Questions are Settled… Puppet or Chef?

My longstanding quest for the best tool set for rapid, flexible and powerful development (where for me “powerful” includes robust sql database support, strong dictionary / no
sql data support, access to powerful statistics libraries, machine learning libraries, NLP and other libraries, and support for web apps and restful, back end services), I have settled on Python3, MySQL / Aurora, PyCharm + Sublime, NLTK, numpy, flask and the rest.  I am already happy with my productivity, and have recently recognized a need to move from OS-X to Linux for more of the heavy lifting.  Which, naturally, means everything is going to AWS…
AWS has improved in a hundred ways in the last three years, and when I was last certified I thought it was the best thing ever. So January 31 I hope to be re-certified but have already begun to migrate my personal projects and infrastructure to the cloud… I expect this to take months as I interleave it with ongoing development and research projects.

All of which is good, and AWS goes a long way for me toward making infrastructure into software.  But there is another area I want to understand better and apply in my quest for more efficiency, and this raises the question in the title: Chef or Pup
pet? I wont throw in Ansible or Salt as this article does, and based on some of what I am reading, perhaps my Python penchant might argue one pupchef
, whereas my striving to use workplace-relevant tools and approaches across the board my weight my choice against what is optimums for my current daily workload.

Another factor might be how well AWS integrates with either product, which would weigh more heavily than my personal Python needs, as Ruby and other toolsets are likely to be more important to many of my future clients  / employers.

linuxacademy-graphicI also should give a big SHOUT OUT (is that big? ) to James and his team at LinuxAcademy who continue, five or seven years in, to innovate and do a fantastic job of providing top-flight hands-on training for AWS / Linux / Azure devs, sysops and architects.  Fantastic performance for a small firm that obviously has their priorities right!

But back on Chef vs. Puppet, I will find or create a comparison and figure out if either are going to save me cycles, make me more efficient, or just slow me (and my small team) down!




2 Comments on “Now that the Big Questions are Settled… Puppet or Chef?”

  1. bagleyjudd says:

    You’re way ahead of the curve here. I’d love to know which way you go and how it works for you.

    • Leaning toward puppet to start — AWS OpsWorks reads Chef cookbooks to handle tasks such as installing and configuring packages and deploying applications”, or so I read! we’ll see.

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