Assessment in the Classroom

I am seeing more articles about different kinds of assessment — from performance based to multi-stage — and more about getting teachers more up to speed on the basic in assessment.  Not sure I understand or would prioritize this “new learning” for teachers for much of K12, or at least grades 7 to 12, where subject manger expertise in areas like STEM, or new offerings in STEM, critical thinking and problem solving (not to mention working in algorithms and data), and would get my vote for more teacher-focused action. But then, a basic grounding in the framework of “academic measurement”, without the full crush of statistics / psychometrics, but with the wisdom and practice that has evolved since at least the time of Alfred Binet, would be a valuable thing where it is missing… but don’t they teach that in “education schools” ?    cover of book on amazon

Cambridge Assessment’s blog has a piece on the thinking, about which I am still thinking:

Meanwhile, thinking of all things UK, I am slowly digesting the coming changes to A Levels — not so much the mostly noise around how to communicate “scoring changes” — but rather, how disappointing it was to see “critical thinking” on the list of discontinued A-Level exams.  I understand the advantage of fewer, better tests, but seeing room on the list going forward for  “ancient languages” and “classical civilisation”, ancient history, government, geology, design and technology, electronics, film studies, etc. and such, it seems a shame…  At least I was still able to buy “Thinking Skills” by John Butterworth and Geoff. Thwaites (us Amazon link).   Will work hard to fit a careful read of this into my schedule before too many weeks pass..


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