So many challenges, so few hours per day.

Basic info at LinkedIn and this VisualCV.-AndyAndDad140131

Language Learning Apps on iTunes.

I am presently working on, and interested in:

  • the development of an improved technology for measuring critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • knowledge space theory, adaptive learning and assessment;
  • teaching and learning using technology-enhanced techniques for self-paced, constructivist approaches to STEM topics;
  • the complete virtualization into the cloud of everything but workstations, tablets and phones (or whatever else we are going to end up manipulating directly, or speaking / gesturing at…), via Amazon Web Services (and other useful solutions tailored to specific pain points, such as CloudKit or Parse for backend-as-a-service for mostly-mobile Apps and ecosystems);
  • machine learning as applied to almost anything, include supervised learning for classification, scoring and target identification type problems, and unsupervised learning for discovering patterns and knowledge for ‘big data’ collections;
  • understanding a lot more about a dozen other things, and architecting solutions using AWS. [140701all-PrinciplesOfCloud-basedSolutionDesign]

In addition, I am always interested in learning more about how to be a more productive Mac user, and about music, ukulele, Mandarin — words, phrases, characters, Chengyu (成语) and …. And when possible, I am also eager to learn more about managing organizations, people, projects and code, for greater productivity, utility, robustness and making the world a better place.

Andy stream is here.

and also of note:

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Harry A. Layman

p.s. Photographer Credit  —

Former picture: Green Tea (绿茶)

This taken at (绿茶) or “lv3 cha1” — not just “green tea”, but a nice out-of-the way more-than-a-tea-house in Hangzhou. (see also http://www.tripadvisor.com.sg/Restaurant_Review-g298559-d1588190-Reviews-Green_Tea_Restaurant-Hangzhou_Zhejiang.html)

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